Investment Philosophy

Here at Landing Point Financial Group (LPFG), our investment philosophy is based on four core beliefs:

Long term focus on specific goals

Without a ‘goal post’, how can one evaluate the success of their investments? Understanding our clients’ goals allows us to measure success in absolute terms, not just relative to the market.

Risk and return are linked

While investment performance is important, we believe risk management is equally so. It’s our belief that managing risk leads to long-term investing success. By managing the risk we take, we ensure our clients can remain invested.

Strategic asset allocation

Research has shown that most of an investor’s long-term returns are a result of asset allocation as opposed to investment selection. Over the long run, markets generally work, and our strategic asset allocation takes advantage of that.

Markets & investors react emotionally

Finally, we believe that markets and investors often act emotionally. Wild, short-term swings in prices can occur because of these overreactions, presenting unique investment opportunities. While our focus is on long term goals, we will make smaller tactical shifts to take advantage of these opportunities.

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