Colleen Minnich, CPA®

Colleen Minnich, CPA®

Accounting Manager

I love that each day brings new challenges as I cater to the unique needs of our diverse clients, ensuring that no two days are ever boring. Before my accounting career, I worked in the marketing department of Bonne Bell, a cosmetic company. Even after having children, I continued working part-time for Bonne Bell. However, when I decided to return to full-time work, I made a deliberate choice to shift my focus from marketing to accounting. The analytical and financial side of my previous role intrigued me, leading me to pursue a career in accounting.

My childhood in Lakewood, Ohio was filled with fond memories of living near the stunning shores of Lake Erie and the captivating Cleveland Metroparks. Now residing in Avon Lake, my family holds immense importance to me and my husband, Chip. We cherish our annual trips to the Outer Banks with Chip's parents, and Chip's talent as a musician adds beautiful melodies to our lives.

Chip and I are blessed with three children. Our eldest, Olivia, is currently studying biology at Ohio State University, aiming to pursue a career in research. Our twins, Owen and Quinn, attend Lorain Community College and plan to transfer to Ohio State and the University of Akron, respectively, after completing their associate degrees. Drawing on my accounting expertise, I have successfully planned for our retirement and funded our children's 529 College Advantage accounts, securing their future.

During my leisure time, I find solace in hiking, exploring the serene beauty of the Metroparks, and venturing to captivating locations like Hocking Hills, Ohio, and Panama Rocks in Panama, NY. As retirement approaches, Chip and I plan to travel to each of the Big Ten stadiums to watch Ohio State games, always searching for new hiking trails in those areas. Additionally, I have a deep desire to witness the majestic grandeur of the Grand Canyon and other enchanting destinations out west.

Balancing a busy schedule, I prioritize regular exercise by attending invigorating aerobics classes at our local YMCA, even during the demanding tax season. My family cherishes the homemade chocolates I make, a tradition passed down from my mother. We also bond over our love for tailgating and attending Ohio State football games, sharing in the excitement and camaraderie of game day.