Garrett Bourbina, APMA®

Garrett Bourbina, APMA®

Senior Wealth Advisor

My fascination with how money works started at a young age and led me to pursue a career in finance. Witnessing the profound impact that financial guidance can have on people's lives solidified my decision. I realized that by assisting individuals in navigating their own financial journeys, I could make a positive difference.

During my homeschooling years in Saginaw, Michigan, my interest in investing was sparked. I vividly remember tracking stocks on a whiteboard in my bedroom, meticulously noting down prices and other data in what I fondly referred to as my "investment book."

Growing up in a diverse community, I learned the value of helping others through my summer job as a lifeguard. The principles I acquired in that role, such as protecting and guiding people, seamlessly carry over into my current profession. I strive to blow the whistle before someone makes a damaging financial decision and guide them toward more secure waters.

My journey towards helping others was strongly influenced by my grandparents, Bill and Esther. Each summer, my sister and I would assist them with various projects. Working alongside my grandfather in the yard, tending to plants, trimming trees, and washing the house, instilled in me a sense of responsibility and a desire to make a difference. It was my grandfather who helped me make my first investment, a CD at our credit union with a 5.05% interest rate.

While swimming remains an enjoyable pastime, my greatest passion lies in spending time with my wife, Megan. From the early days of our dating relationship, we envisioned a marriage where our partner would be our best friend, and we would share countless experiences together. Whether we are exploring new places in Cleveland or indulging in a cozy night at home, watching movies, or binging TV shows, our weekends are filled with laughter and love.